Swedish Massage 
An all around massage and manipulation of soft tissue that relieves stress and tension, while enhancing blood and lymph circulation. Swedish massage is an ideal introduction to the peacefulness and benefits of massage therapy.

  60 minutes - $60
  60 minutes - $120(Couples)
  90 minutes - $85
120 minutes - $120

Sacred Lomi Massage 
Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian term for massage, making it a catchall for many variations of this beautiful art. Sacred Lomi has been developed from Temple Style Lomi Lomi.

All forms of Lomi Lomi have some key things in common. First and foremost is aloha, the joyful sharing of life’s energy in the moment. Also common to all forms are the loving, flowing strokes and the commitment to being fully present with the client. Like some Eastern healing modalities, Hawaiians see things in terms of energy flow.

  60 minutes - $80 
  90 minutes - $110
  90 minutes - $160 **

Deep Tissue Massage
As the name suggests, this type of massage addresses the deeper layers of muscle tissue . Through strong finger, knuckle, forearm and elbow pressure, deep tissue massage can aid in the relief of chronic tension. It  is strongly recommended for old injuries, trigger points and postural improvement.

 30 minutes - $45
 60 minutes - $75
 60 Minutes - $150 (Couples)
 90 minutes - $100

Therapeutic Massage
Designed to focus on specific conditions or areas of discomfort, therapeutic massage is key in helping to speed the healing process. For those with muscle tears, sprains, nerve impingement and chronic back or shoulder pain, therapeutic massage is extremely effective.

 60 minutes - $70
 75 minutes - $80
 90 minutes - $95
 60 minutes - $150 **

  ** 4 handed Therapeutic          

Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage                                                                                60 minutes - $70 
There are many benefits of massage during pregnancy for both Mom & baby. Massage can address many common discomforts associated with skeletal and circulatory changes expectant Mom's experience. They include reduced upper & lower back pain, hip, joint & sciatic nerve pain, muscle tension and headaches. Reduced swelling, stress and anxiety. Improved circulation and oxygenation of soft tissue and muscles. Improved lymph drainage of tissue wastes. Reduced fatigue and improved sleep.

NOTE: Please seek approval from you prenatal healthcare provider. 

Myofascial Release
Gentle stretching & subtle movement of tissues and limbs to balance, align & relax the              60 minutes - $70
body & mind. May be used in conjunction with other modalities & sessions.

Restorative Massage

Light massage technique designed to revitalize, renew and invigorate your body. An                  60 minutes - $60
amazing stress reliever that allows your body to re-energize itself.

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